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Sophie Williams

10 Virtual Games High School And College Students Are Absolutely Crazy About!

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Is playing video games a strict no-no for you because your parents think it will waste your time and distract you from studies? Ask your distressed parents to re-consider their decision as a research conducted by Psychologists at University of Washington suggests that playing games relieves you from emotional upheaval. Your dad might have warned you against playing that video game you loved and broken your heart million times. Entertainment Software Association offers some interesting stats that can fix your broken heart. According to a report published by ESA, 155 million Americans play video games every day and 42% of them play for at least three hours per week. Playing video games improves your decision-making skills and boosts your concentration level. So today we bring to you 10 such games which are most sought-after among high school and college students. My Assignment Help is also help for those students which have need such type.

  •  Arm surgery 2

Arm Surgery 2 is a popular educational game among high school students who aspire to become medical professionals one day. You will have to save lives in no time as you start working at St. Flak’s Hospital. You can either click on ‘how to play’ option where Lara, the head nurse will guide you through the game stages or you can click on ‘operate’ to get to the surgery directly. You will soon find a patient arriving at the hospital with a bump on her arm. Your goal is to fix her broken arm successfully by starting the treatment as quickly as possible. You have to answer the nurse’s questions correctly and opt for the correct treatment. You have to use your knowledge for picking out the correct medical tool. If your actions are swift and you are efficient, your patient will get well soon but if you make too many errors, your patient can become unstable and you can fail. Use your brain and save as many lives as you can!

  • Frontier

If you are a tycoon game enthusiast, Frontier is one game you should definitely try your hands at playing. It’s an adventure game where you have to trade, fight and survive as you travel around America. The game demands exceptional business management strategies as you travel from town to town for becoming successful. You can opt to remain neutral or you can choose to become one of the good guys or one of the naughty ones. If you want to survive and increase your wealth, you have to make smart decisions, plan strategically, possess multi-tasking ability and economic sense. The choice is yours – you can remain a small fish or travel across the nation in search of American Dream! This game is set in a fascinating period in American history and takes you back to the Wild West!

  • 3rd World Farmer

3rd World Farmer is a thought-provoking game which is quite popular among high school and college students where you have to tackle a barren farm in the desert of Sub-Saharan Africa. This game gives you insight into impoverished rural areas and the challenges faced by struggling families of developing nations. Your goal is to help the head of the family to turn this small farm into a commercial success. You have to strategically plan the budget and decide which crops to grow every year. Investing in some crops can be risky as they can either bring large earning or huge loss. You have to earn enough profit to buy tools like harvesters, ploughs, etc. You have to invest wisely in wells and barn but there is always some risk associated with it – wells may dry up and barns may get destroyed. If you don’t prioritize your family’s health, they may suffer from a deadly disease.

  • Grand Theft Auto

This is one of the most popular games among high school and college students because of its visual effects. It is a complete win-win game where you have the liberty to select what you wish to do, you can select a mission for the game, or you can be a part of side activities like third-party shooting, driving, stealth, etc. You get to see American cities where you can knock around by airplanes, bikes, helicopters – whatever you have ever dreamt of riding. Each game of this series gives you the opportunity to either be a wannabe or a criminal who rises through crimes. You will be given missions where you have to assassinate someone or commit other crimes. It is indeed a fun game and you have to make strategies to survive.

  • Fifa Soccer

As enthusiasts say – football is not just a game, it’s a religion. Fifa Soccer is a series of football games brought to you by EA Sports. This game has different football leagues and teams from across the world including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, French, German, English and American Major League Soccer. You can use real time players and football clubs for playing the game which gives it a realistic vibe. Fifa series releases new versions each year since 1995 named as Fifa 95 and Fifa 16 which is the latest one. It is a hardcore sports gaming that attracts high school and college students in large masses.  This game is a must for every football enthusiast!

  • Counter Strike

Counter strike is one of the most popular games ever played. Probably every high school and college student knows about this tactical first person shooter game. Due to its wide popularity, the game has been expanded into series – Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Counter Strike: Condition Zero. When you start playing, you get an option to join either a terrorist team or anti-terrorist team or be a spectator. Your aim is to eliminate the opponent team by successfully completing your mission objective. You can use advanced weapons and gadgets in the game. To give it a real time feeling, developers have also included voice and text chat options. Your key to success is being alert at every point. If you are tired of the monotony in your life, try CS for a change!

  • Need For Speed

Is there anyone who has not heard of NFS? It is the most successful racing game series available. As you can make out from the name, the game is all about fancy cars, exotic locations and speed. If you are crazy about cars and dream of riding them, you have to come to this virtual platform where you get to ride the most expensive cars. But here’s a catch – the entire game is not free. You have to keep winning a series of game for unlocking vehicles, newer tracks and missions. The game also offers multiplayer facility over LAN. Imagine playing it with your friends over the internet when you are all tired and drained out after 8-9 hours of study. It will instantly uplift your spirits! There are endless cars to unlock – exotic ones, sports cars, tuners along with special race cars. So, are you ready to take up the challenge?

  • Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a series of ten games. Unlike CS, it is both a third person and first person shooter game. The major plot of this game is about war. It shows the game starting from World War II and finally shifting to modern warfare. The most recent version is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which is set in a future where Earth has lost its natural resources. This is a multiplayer game that can be played over the internet and features the timeline of 2025 with advanced weapons and equipments. This far-famed game has 2 million paying annual members and more than 1.6 billion hours of online game play. Call of Duty is one of the trendiest games among teenyboppers. It’s a game worth playing!

  • Edge Extended

Do you ever feel the urge to refresh your mind after all the humdrum? Puzzle games are perfect for taking a break from daily chores. They are a great fit for pocket-sized devices as they emphasize more on strategies and brains rather than jazzy graphics. Edge Extended is one of the best puzzle games on iOS. You have to steer a prismatic cube through a stark environment and reach the end of each stage without falling off the level geometry. The game is not as easy as it sounds. The cube may roll a level higher than its current position so you have to work your cube around high edges by finding an alternate route or changing the level somehow. You may find black cubes working against you to make the challenge more difficult. Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of the game!

  • Monument Valley

Surreal and stunning, Monument Valley is one of the most remarkable and fascinating puzzle games available on android. You have to steer as Princess Ida through the curious landscape which is not grounded in reality. The game creates breathtaking locations through which you have to navigate by rotating archways and turning dials. There is a new challenge in every level – you may have to reach the top of a tower without any obvious path ahead, some levels will expose new areas as it unfolds. It is one of the sweetest puzzle games with a lovely story parceled out along the way that high school and college students enjoy playing for rejuvenating their minds.

Most of these games can be bought online at a nominal rate. These games can uplift your spirits anytime and boost your concentration. High school and college students are gaga over these games because they are perfect for a much needed break from the daily grind!

So, are you intrigued to try your hands on these games?