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7 ways editing and proofreading services suggest to correct your spelling errors

3 min read

Whether you are writing a college application essay or a dissertation, keeping your paper flawless is mandatory to achieve great grades. In this case, the built-in spell-check of great help, but they aren't exactly foolproof. This is when the significance of editing and proofreading. Presented below are the tips and techniques that experts on the professional editing and proofreading services always recommend.

1. Concentrate while reading your paper

If you want to spot spelling and grammatical errors, then you need to concentrate. That means getting rid of distractions and potential interruptions. So turn off the cell phone and the television or the music system and also steer clear from social media till the time you are proofreading and editing. However, you can also select a potent plagiarism checker free online tool if you can’t keep away the distractions.

2. Read it from the paper, not from the screen

Many experts have observed that people tend to read differently on paper and on screen, so you can get a copy of your writing printed out before proceeding with the proofreading. If you read loudly, your ear might detect the errors that your eyes couldn't figure out. Or, you can hire an assignment help expert to edit the paper on your behalf.

3. Check the homonyms

Homonyms are basically those words that have the same pronunciation or spelling but have different meanings. Switching complement with compliment or except with accept could spell the doom for your assignment, so you must keep a check on this aspect.

4. Pay attention to the punctuation

While maintaining a laser focus is a good thing, but in the process don’t neglect the punctuation. Look for capitalized words, extra commas, or a missing semicolon, wrong use of periods and so on.

5. Keep a watch on the apostrophe or contractions

It’s not for nothing that the “their, they’re, there” jokes are so popular on the internet. And there is the age-old confusion over "your", and "you're", or 'its and it's'. If there is something that can single-handedly bring down the credibility of your text, it is this mistake. Another important thing to remember that an apostrophe is never used to form plurals.

6. Go through the write-up backwards

While writing, we often turn ignorant to our own flaws and drawbacks since the brain automatically rectifies the wrong words within the sentences. In order to resolve this problem, you can read the text backwards.

7. Recognizing your specific drawbacks, correct them.

Nobody is perfect. If you are aware that you have a shortcoming to your writing with semi-colons and exclamation marks, or you know you often have confusions with subject-verb agreement, make sure you are checking for those. When you get feedback on your writing, take note of any error that you keep repeating so you can check for those the next time you edit.

So when you maintain the above mentioned aspects, your assignment will turn out flawless.