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Do’s And Don’ts Of Personal Statement That Commercial Law Assignment Help Services In Australia Follow

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The personal statement plays a pivotal role in your selection to a reputed law school, as it offers scope to demonstrate your writing prowess, your experiences, and personality. You can perceive this process like a written interview, wherein you get to pick your questions. Alternatively, you can avail commercial law assignment help online from the professional paper writers.

In this case, a poorly written essay might cause an otherwise promising application to be rejected, and similarly, a brilliant essay can support a mediocre application to earn a coveted spot in the law school. So listed below are some do’s and don’ts that top quality assignment help services always recommend.


·         Talk about the probable personal statement topics with a mentor or someone with a law background before you dive into write. You can also hire an assignment writer to write the paper for you.

·         Select a focused topic. Provide a detailed discuss a small topic instead of offering a general overview of a wide topic. If you’re not comfortable writing the assignments, feel free to ask for help to do your essay.

·         Be yourself.  Contrary to what you believe, you won’t have to tell the college authorities exactly what they want to hear. Always tell them the truth.

·         Be careful while presenting the first paragraph. It should instantly strike a chord with the readers. The authorities are running against time, and may not spare much time if the first paragraph doesn’t look striking.

·         Make it compelling. Your enthusiasm should be reflected in the paper, and you must use active voice. You don’t necessarily have to describe how your experiences lead to your desire to join law school. Tell a story. Paint a clear picture. The most engaging personal statements are known to provide coherent visuals for the reader.

·         Keep it brief and easy. Eloquent words aren’t a sign of big mind, only big egos. Pick your words with clarity and cohesiveness, and you need to understand that your reader has a huge pile of applications to get through. A personal statement normally should take two to three double-spaced pages.

·         Provide specific details from the background that would set you apart from the other candidates. If your ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic condition, or similar factors are the motivation behind joining the law school, be sure to demonstrate them.

·         Think about your readers. Most people in the admission authorities are way more experienced. Hence, it’s better for you to come across as a sincere student, helpful classmate, and competent individual. Again, think about what you want them to know, other than the information presented throughout the application.


·         Don't attempt to pass judgment or play a role. And refrain from using legal jargon and terms. If you use such complex terms, chances are you’ll be misinterpreting it. And even if you use them correctly, you’ll be running the risk of sounding too supercilious.

·         Don’t describe the events of your life in chronological order or don’t just rephrase the resume. Also, try not to connect all of your experiences. The essays that elaborate too much, often lack the substance.

·         Don’t fall victim to clichés. Maybe your experiences have altered the way you perceive the world. But such discussions are too common. Before preparing your essay, think about how you can make it sound unique and establish your individuality.

·         Do not highlight the disparity in your application on the personal statement. If your academic record is poor as compared to your LSAT scores, or vice versa, talk about the issue within the addendum. Concentrate only the positives while presenting the personal statement.

·         Don’t offend the readers. Lawyers hardly feel apprehensive about from controversial topics, but you must always think through before supporting a controversial issue. Especially if you don’t want to come across as narrow-minded.


Last but not the least, you must remember that you have only one shot to get through the college admissions, so you must make it count.

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