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Robert Smith

Important Phases in Manuscript Life

2 min read

After completing a research authors need to work on the most important part i.e. Manuscript.

Here’s a detailed guide about different phases a manuscript goes through.

1-      Basic Draft/Design of Manuscript – In this step authors work on their manuscripts with the help of guidelines given by the journal. These rules and guidelines are crucial and decide the entire direction of manuscript preparation.

2-      Formatting related changes – Many manuscripts get rejected due to issues with the formatting of the research paper. Authors should pay attention to do’s and don’ts of formatting. Planning and writing manuscript is important here. While doing it usage of effective abstract and visual representation, creative yet interesting manuscript title, well written result also acts as an added advantage.

3-      Choosing correct journal – Choosing a correct journal is as important as writing an error-free manuscript. Understanding different types of journal, finding relevancy with your subject of research, different parameters to consider while choosing a journal and many such activities are done in this step.

4-      Submitting Manuscript to selected journals – Understanding the entire process of manuscript submission, knowing what happens after submitting manuscript to journal and such complex and time consuming tasks fall in this phase.

5-      Review by industry Peers – Peer review is a crucial step in the manuscript journey. Authors can choose the type of peer review.  Understanding reviewer’s feedback and replying helps improving the quality of the manuscript. Peer review checks the manuscript for its originality and authenticity.

6-      Publication – After submitting the reviewed manuscript to journals some journal might suggest minor changes to authors before actually publishing the manuscript. These changes are done by authors and then final manuscript goes for publishing.

7-      Promotion – As part of this step author needs to work on promoting the research in the respective community for improving a reach of his published research paper.

Many authors take help from professional editors and English editing services in order to simplify this hectic and time consuming process. Role of Professional Editing Services in this entire journey is hence very important.