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Albert Barkley

How To Write a Research Proposal For a Masters' Dissertation

3 min read

To write a master’s dissertation, you will have to conduct an effective research. For this reason, you will have to prepare a research proposal and approve it from your supervisor. A research proposal provides a clear, concise, and coherent summary of your research. It provides us with a set of all the central issues and problems that you want to address in your dissertation. It also provides a clear outline of your current knowledge about the research topic and the general area of the study. If you are not able to write a research proposal for a master’s dissertation, then you can get help from research proposal writing services. The best tips to write a research proposal for a master’s dissertation are given below;

1)    Find out an intriguing title

If you want to conduct an intended research for your master’s dissertation, then you should try to find out a tentative title. You should be very careful while selecting the best topic idea for your research proposal. The title of your research proposal should be interesting and intriguing.

2)    Write down the best quality abstract

In a research proposal, it is necessary for the students to provide a concise statement about their research. This statement should be written in a concise and summarized way and it should not exceed 100 words. In the abstract of a research proposal, all the central problems and central questions should be expressed.

3)    Provide a research context

When you are going to conduct an effective research into any topic idea, then you will have to get an idea about the background research. With the help of this background research study, you will be able to find out the gaps in the existing research. As a result, you will be able to conduct your own research in a unique and original way. To provide such kind of research context is also an important thing in your research proposal.

4)    Establish outstanding research questions

In order to guide the research proposal writing task, you will have to establish some central aims and questions. Therefore, before going to commence the research proposal writing task, you should try to establish the best ideas and research questions that are necessary to provide answers in your master’s dissertation.

5)    Select appropriate research methods

As we know that there are two basic methods to gather the data for your dissertation. The first method is known as qualitative research methodology and the second method is known as a quantitative research methodology. You should try to select one of them. After selecting an appropriate research method, it is also necessary for you to provide an explanation that why this particular research method is the best to gather the data for your master’s dissertation.

6)    Provide a significance of the research

The best research is that which is original in its origin. Therefore, while creating the research proposal, never forget to explain the originality of your research. For this reason, you just need to explain and demonstrate the importance of your research and try to argue the audience that with the help of this intended research, you will be able to get some potential outcomes.

7)    Bibliography


To conduct an effective research for your dissertation, you will have to gather the data from a lot of authentic resources. You should try to provide a list of these authentic resources in the bibliography section of your research proposal.  

Albert Barkley

PhD Coursework Help: The Ultimate Saver For Working Student

3 min read

If you are doing a part-time or full-time job while studying, then it is a daunting task for the students to manage the time and concentration on the studies as well on the job. Its reason is that if you want to handle a job and studies at the same time, then there requires an effective level of planning as well as prioritisation. The main problems that are faced by the working students are procrastination, organization, planning, revising but not practising, boredom, not leaving enough time, losing track of doing something, and lack of motivation. Due to these kinds of difficulties, most of the students feel helpless and they try to find out an ultimate saver.

If you are also doing a part-time or full-time job while studying and you are looking for an ultimate saver, then there is no need to feel helpless because coursework writing services are here for your assistance. These coursework writing services can provide your best tips and assistance in order to solve a lot of problems regarding your studies. You just need to hire a reliable and affordable coursework writing service. Before going to hire any writing service, you should try to make sure that it is secure, reliable, affordable, and best quality writing service. You can find out such a writing service by conducting an effective research about the writing services.

These coursework writing services are helpful for the students in the various ways. First of all, if you are not able to manage the time for the coursework writing task due to the job, then these writing services are helpful for you. You can place an order to your coursework and get the custom solution for your coursework. A coursework written by them will be of the best quality. In the second, if you are going to write a coursework by yourself, then these expert writers are also helpful to you. You can get the best topic ideas, a list of the best references, a custom solution to any difficult chapter of a coursework, and best coursework samples from them.


Thirdly, due to a job, while studying, the students face a lot of difficulties to prioritize their daily tasks and learn to manage the time in an effective way. Under such a situation, the students can also get help from them. Due to impressive time management skills, they provide you with the best tips to manage the coursework writing task in an effective way. There are also a lot of students who experience some issues of low motivation regarding their studies. After getting help from the expert writers, they can also boost up their motivation level. To create a distraction-free environment is also a real problem for the students. The expert writers can also provide you with the best tips and guidelines on how to get rid of these distractions while studying. You can also boost up your concentration level by getting help from them. These expert writers are providing these services at the most affordable prices. Therefore, you can easily manage your budget. 

Albert Barkley

How To Find And Uses Essay Writing Examples To Write Your Own Essay?

3 min read

If you are going to write an essay for the first time, then it will seem difficult to you. Its reason is that you are not familiar with the professional structure and format of the essay, you don’t have enough idea how to write an introduction, you also face difficulties to write down the body paragraphs, and to write down the conclusion of the essay is also a challenge for you. The only way to find out the best solutions to these problems is to read out the best essay samples. To find and use the essay writing samples in order to create a monument of your own essay is also a real challenge for the students. Here, we will provide the best tips to find and use the best writing examples.

Tips to find the best essay writing examples

There are a lot of resources from where you can get the best essay resources. Some of them are given below;

1)    The first and the easily available resource to find out the best essay examples is the library books. For this reason, you can visit the college or university libraries and try to find out the best books where you can easily find out the essay examples. One of the best book in this regard is the Heavenly Essays that is written by the Jannie W. Robinson. This book can provide you with the best examples of the narrative essays.

2)    If you are not able to find out the best essay examples in the library books, then you can move towards the online resources. There are a lot of websites that provide the best essay examples to the students. The best websites in this regard are the EssayHill Blogs, The College Essay Trap, StudentShare, and much more.

3)    You can also find out the best essay examples from the online essay writing services. Basically, you can get the custom solutions to your essays from these writing services. Anyhow, these writing services have also a lot of essay examples. You can contact with them through their 24/7 customer support service and request them to provide the best essay examples.

Tips to use the best essay examples in your own essays

No doubt, these essay examples can provide you with enough help to create a monument of your own essay. You can get help from them in the following ways;

1)    First of all, you can use them for the purpose of getting the essay writing ideas. With the help of these essay examples, you can get enough idea about the structure and the format of the essay.

2)    If you have an essay example related to the topic of your essay, then it can provide you with the best ways and resources to find out the information about your own essay.


3)    After reading a particular essay example, if you feel that the particular information should be included in your own essay, then you can use this information in your own essay. After using that information, you can also provide the reference of that essay. Hence, we can also use an essay example can also be used as a reference.

Albert Barkley

Getting Help From Expert Dissertation Writer Is Necessary

3 min read

A dissertation is an important piece of an academic paper that tells the audience that a particular student has the ability to carry out an independent research. A dissertation is considered as the last hurdle to cross for the students in order to get a degree at the university level. There are five most important parts of a dissertation. First of all, there comes the introductory part. Secondly, there comes the literature review. Thirdly, there comes the research methodology. The fourth part is known as the conclusions chapter and the last part is known as the discussions chapter. To write down these important parts of a dissertation is not an easy task for the students. Therefore, it is necessary for them to get help from the expert writers of the dissertation writing services. The most common reasons that can become the cause of getting help from the expert writers are given below;

1)      There are a lot of students who are not able to define the purpose of their research in the form of a thesis statement. Its reason is that they don’t know how to formulate such a thesis statement that is debatable and it has the ability to attract the opposing opinions of the audience. Under such a situation, the students can get help from the expert writers.

2)      As we know that the main purpose of writing down the literature review chapter of a dissertation is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the data that is available regarding the problem that you are going to investigate. In the literature review, there come the published theories, a historical assessment of the data, and current reviews of the experts. If you are not able to write down such literature review for your dissertation, then it is also an unavoidable thing for you to get help from the expert writers.

3)      Before going to write down a dissertation on any subject, we will have to formulate some arguments. These arguments should be supported with the help of the most solid examples and evidence. The only way to find out such arguments and examples is to conduct an effective research. There are some students who don’t have impressive research skills and they want to get help from the expert writers.

4)      It is a fact that almost all the universities provide an adequate amount of time for the students in order to submit the dissertation. There are a lot of students who don’t have impressive time management skills and they fail to make an effective plan for the dissertation writing task. Due to the lack of time management skills, the students should also get help from the expert writers.


5)      There is an issue of formatting the dissertation that is very common among the students. Its reason is that almost all the universities have their own formatting styles for the dissertation. If a student is not able to format the dissertation in an effective way, then he/she can also contact to the expert writers of the dissertation writing services. 

Albert Barkley

Mortgage Crisis Affect The Growth And Development Of The Nigerian Economy

3 min read

When there is a huge amount of the mortgages are sold in order to fulfil the securities of the different mortgage-backed securities, then there occurs mortgage crisis. Due to the mortgage crisis, there is a huge amount of the risks in the different types of the funds are spread. These funds include mutual funds and other types of the funds that are owned by the different corporations. There are a lot of types of the mortgages that you should avoid. Some of them are 40-year fixed rate mortgages, adjustable mortgages, interest-only mortgages, low down payment loans, and interest-only ARMs. Due to the crisis of the mortgages, the growth and the development of the Nigerian economy was affected a lot. If you are not able to get an idea of the growth and the development of the mortgage crisis on the Nigerian economy, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss the mortgage crisis effects on the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

1)      Fear in the markets

The biggest effect of the mortgage crisis on the Nigerian economy is that there occurs a lack of confidence in the financial system. Its reason is that Mortgage market is the biggest market and due to the crisis in this market, there occurs a scare among the investors and they are not daring to invest in Nigeria.

2)      Direct effects on the industry

Along with the markets, these mortgage crisis has also affected the different industries and stocks in Nigeria. Due to this reason, most of the firms that are providing the financial support to the Nigerian economy are disappearing. Its effect is that billions of dollars are wiped out from the Nigerian economy. Due to this reason, different housing industries are also facing a lot of challenges.

3)      Effects on the jobs in the financial sector

Due to the mortgage crisis in Nigeria also have a lot of effects on the availability of the jobs in the Financial sector. Moreover, the employees that are already in the financial sectors are also facing a lot of problems because they are not able to get the payments on time.

4)      Effects on individuals

The mortgage crisis in Nigeria not only affected the industries and the other organizations, but it has also lasted a lot of effects on the individuals. The most common effects are on the minorities that are owning the homeownership and the evictions of the renters. They are also facing a lot of issues declines in the net worth.

5)      Some other risks

There are also some other risks that are faced by the Nigerians due to the mortgage crisis. The most important crisis in this regard is given below;

A)     They face a lot of credit issues

B)      They are not able to asset the risks of the prices

C)      They are also facing a lot of liquidity risks due to the mortgage crisis


These are the major effects that are faced by the Nigerians due to the mortgage crisis.

Albert Barkley

Questions To Ask Yourself While Making Final Editing and Proofreading Of Your Assignment

3 min read

Most the students are confused when they are asked or required to edit and proofread their academic writing projects to resolve this issue the first question that they might have in their mind or need to ask themselves is that;

Editing and proofreading the same thing?

An answer to this question is that obviously not. Many times you have listened to these two words interchangeably but that is not correct. These are two different steps of revising a piece of writing and both require a careful and close reading of the text with the focus on different perspectives of the written document by using different techniques.


It is the revision of a written text that begins right after you have completed your first draft. Here, first, you re-read the written draft to check that is the paper organized as it was required to be, checking that there are smooth transitions between paragraphs and ensuring the credibility and relevance of evidence you have used to back up your argument. Further, you need to ask these simple questions, while editing your written draft;


ü      is your content the same that you are required to write?

ü      Have you included all key points that your assignment required you to discuss?

ü    Have you made appropriate claims in your arguments?

ü    Does your paper have a clear and concise argument that reader can understand at first site.

ü     Have you used enough and strong evidence to support your arguments?

ü     Is all information in your draft is directly relevant to the topic of the assignment?


ü     Do you have included an appropriate list of content as required for your assignment?

ü     Does your paper clearly state the introduction of the topic?

ü      Is there a clear connection between each paragraph of paper and it makes sense according to the topic?

ü     Are paragraphs arranged systematically?

ü      Is there clear move between paragraphs?


  ü  Have you defined all key terms in introduction chapter that you are going to discuss throughout the paper?

ü     Does each sentence have the clear meaning for the reader?

ü       Have you used a clear pronoun for referents?

ü      Are the chosen words appropriate for the situation that you are discussing?


ü     Is there an appropriate tone of context?

ü     Is there any variation in length of each sentence?

ü     Is there repetition of strong words?

ü      Citation

ü  Have you used the required format of citation and references?

ü     Is the used format correct?


This is the final stage to finalize your document for the final submission. It focuses on identifying the errors that you have missed in editing, it checking spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Proofread should be the last step in your writing process. You need to ask these questions before proofreading so you can get the result of proofreading that you are aiming to do so;

ü      Is this the content that really matters in proofreading?

ü     Have you read it clearly and identified all possible errors?


ü     Have you eliminated and correct all found mistakes?

Albert Barkley

Write Your Thesis Hiring a Thesis Writing Service

3 min read

The dissertation is a research work that is going to be used in future for academic and professional purposes. It is a set of knowledge generated by a great effort of an individual or group of individuals. It consists a content that communicates an idea to a good number of readers. So it is understood that your dissertation is presenting your communication skills and style if in case it is written by a best dissertation writing service provider. And in this age of technology written communication has good part especially in professional life. There are different means to communicate online that has allowed us to communicate our ideas to a person who is far away.

And a published research work goes to those whom you even think about because it is not you who is going to be there but your work. For effective communication, you must know and have command over the language of the audience. In case of thesis writing, you are not sure who will be the reader so the use of an international language is preferred. In this way, language and writing skills are compulsory for each other. Unfortunately, instead of learning writing and language students are looking means to get ready their dissertation by a profession so they could get their degree.


This could be applicable to a situation where you have another important job to do or you have done research before and want to put this time in another productive work. But if you are the student and writing a thesis for the first time then doesn’t miss the opportunity to learn and no other academic task is more important than this. So your first preference that students need should be learning. This is the reason why we have hired professionals to make it easy for you to get access to an expert for learning. Here, you will be learning writing, language and most importantly research skills.


This is service that we are sure you cannot get somewhere else. As you will be with our professional then it will be a journey of learning, where you will learn a lot about writing a thesis. You will have an access to a professional just by placing your order here. If you have not been assigned your thesis yet then you can hire services of an expert for future concerns.It will be a great opportunity to learn expertise that can lead you to a language error-free document in future.



We believe an open communication for research papers so you will have an opportunity to ask questions from experts as many you have in your mind about academic writing. This cost of today is going to save a lot of future spending and saving of grades and your knowledge. In this way, you will be able to do your future writing tasks by yourself instead of looking for a help from someone. So if you do have any ambiguity in your mind about this amazing service, feel free to contact our customer support team.

Albert Barkley

Working On Homework All Time?

3 min read

Are you working on your home, if yes then we have a solution for you? The homework is given on daily basis and that is for sure that there is one time when you don’t feel working anymore for it and make the least efforts to work. While working can lead to a good understanding of the work, it is very much essential that you try to cater the idea in the right way by hiring cheap assignment writing services and make the understanding of the work possible for yourself. While the writing can be very much interesting, it is also important that you try to think of an alternative solution for saving yourself from daily home.

The assignments are weekly or monthly tasks and people can make these adjustments, but at the same time, it is very much work that one tries to cater the idea in detail as to why homework is given. The homework is given for increasing your competency and your idea regarding the idea in the right way. While one is able to understand and substantiate the point, it is very much important that you try to cater the ideas by making it possible for yourself. The homework can also make you understand your worth and hence, it is very much understanding if you are working for yourself improvement.


Working on homework for the sake of self-improvement is a good idea but to what extent is it possible that one continues with it because the writing is a hectic activity and one cannot write on daily basis. For your ease, we have an easy solution for you. The working can help you understand the idea in the right way and hence one has to see how this can be catered in the right way. Coursework writing services is an online coursework and homework writing service that can provide you with great options;


Regular Submission: The coursework writing services is an online writing service that provides the regular submission for the work. While one is able to understand the idea in detail, it is very much work that one can deal with the idea of writing on daily basis and if not that the services can do this for you. With a team of professional writers, it is very much natural that the work will be submitted on a timely basis and one will be able to maintain the idea at best.



Less Hectic Routines: Because of your daily basis homework, it is very much essential that one deal with the idea in the right way. While the less hectic routines are very much there, it is important that the works can be generated in the right way. The homework services will write your homework on daily basis and finally, you will have to breathe and make it possible for yourself. The hectic routines can also lead to a complete understanding of the work in detail. To summarize, it is important that one has to make the routine very much workable and hence you will have to see how it is catered in the right way.

Albert Barkley

Why Students Should Write Essays

3 min read

At the school, college and university students feel like as if writing, errands and tasks are really very hard-hitting and burden for them. Students don’t want to write anything in higher classes, they want to study and that’s it. For them writing is a sort of burden. But in higher classes, they have to write so many things regarding their subjects by hiring essay writing services. Teachers used to assign a lot of writing material to the students, to polish their writing skills in the form of essays, assignments, presentations and so on. Basically, teachers want their students to get good marks in their externals as well as in assignments with flawless write-ups.


Students always take writing stuff as a chore. Do they want to know that why they get these tasks in higher classes? Why they ought to write essays and assignments? What are the reasons behind writing all these things? And so on. To answer these question there are different points with logical arguments for students to access all the purposes of their writing tasks. The first and the foremost points are that when you are supposed to write something or when your teacher assigns you something, there is a purpose behind that. If you will write something, you have to read about that specific thing. For instance, if you are given a topic to write essays, you will search out the material for writing an essay. It will enhance and enrich your reading and writing ability very clearly and effortlessly.


Essay writing also encourages you to think about things critically and analytically. If you are given a topic related to society, you will surely work on it while searching for it. You will see the difference between Eastern and Western societies, their cultures, languages and traditions. This research will increase your information about societies and you can easily draw the difference between all their features. You can also learn a lot of things from it. You can also develop logical ideas and statements from it to do the critical analysis of your topic. Your write-up clearly shows that how you understand the topic and what information do have grasped from the different sources? It also indicates that how much you are communicating with the readers?



After reading your essay, your teacher can easily instruct you about the improvement of your writing style. They can explain to you the errors and issues of your write-up. They also help you to write properly in a comprehensive and ample way. Your given grades and comments from your teacher can easily explain the state of your writing. You can get inspirations through these grades and can learn more in your life. Through these tasks, your reading and writing skills could be improved very easily. You can easily convey your point of you, your criticism and analysis in a very simple and coherent way. You can also give your messages to the reader about the lifestyle, issues of society and their solutions, languages, cultures and traditions of the society so on and so forth.

Albert Barkley

What My Supervisor Taught Me for My Dissertation

3 min read

For many students, writing a dissertation is a nightmare and they dread the time when they will be assigned to write a dissertation. It is not because they are not intelligent or smart enough but it is because they have the misconception of what a dissertation actually is, how it should be done and how teachers and supervisors can help them in this challenging task.

There are many students who were told by their seniors as well as elder siblings that teachers do not support them when it comes to writing a research paper, they must not bother their teachers or supervisors or ask them anything to do with their paper or making dissertation outline. This is all nonsense and if a few students have had a bad experience with their supervisor, it does not make all the teachers bad. On the other hand, teachers are the best support that students can have and when it comes to writing a top quality and custom assignment, it is no other than a teacher who can help students understand what it is all about, how it should be done and what the students should do to succeed in their class.


This article explains how helpful and caring teachers and supervisors can be and what the students can learn from their supervisors when it comes to writing dissertations.


The first thing that teachers and supervisors tell their students about dissertation writing is to know their topic and subject really well. The main reason why so many students face trouble when they are working on their dissertations and suffer from bad grades is that they start working on it without actually understanding what they are being asked to do. Understanding what they need to do and working in the right direction is absolutely necessary to succeed in writing a dissertation.


Another very important thing which supervisors tell their students is about following the instructions given to them by their teachers or consultants at dissertation writing services. Many students fail to understand what they are asked to do and do things as they feel them better. Instead of following their own instincts, the students must seek help from their supervisors and ask them what they should do to avoid making mistakes.


The important thing that every supervisor tells students is that they must keep a track of time. The students must not waste time on doing things which are not necessary such as spending time on making presentations and tables and graphs when they are not needed. Rather, the students should focus on the research, writing and formatting aspect of the dissertation and make sure they do well to enjoy success in their efforts.



The supervisors always tell their students to be honest and upfront with them. It is only the supervisors that can help students in finishing hard stones of dissertation, listen to their troubles and solve their problems and being lied to can only complicate things for students. Every supervisor wants his or her students to be honest and follow their advice so that they can help them the best possible way.