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Daniel James


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Yoga has become relaxation method for everyone. Yoga is one of the best way to solve human problem without use any type of medication. Yoga help to increase the energy level which is depends on your self-workout. Yoga has help every person who wants to know the performance of simple exercise. Simple exercise is one of the part of yoga but not a yoga. There are lots of yoga tricks we study in the previous chapter.  Some yoga techniques like ‘tantric yoga’, ‘hatha yoga’, ‘kundalini yoga' are being rediscovered and practiced for their health benefits. Yoga means lots of people work and exercise together is called yoga. This is old traditional Indian form of exercise has given the world a spiritual awakening. Yoga is the physical postures, which is many type of regular body workout. Yoga gives you the physical and metal way to solve your internal problem in one way for the daily bases. If you do exercise daily, it is conformed that all the single part of problem any type of disease will remove from your body and life. Yoga has help to maintain your body and mind in a line and help in strengthening mind and taking some extra benefits. Some of the famous yoga form such as “surya Namaskar”, “Ashtanga Yoga” and “Pranayama”, etc. That are some famous yoga form in India and all over the world.

In these days yoga is the international form and In India yoga is the compulsory subject in all school. India prime minister self-works on yoga per day and Prime Minister Shri. Narendra modi has announced the yoga is the important part of our life and health, It has so many health benefits, He said that yoga is the compulsory subject in India. So all country makes yoga is compulsory subject in school.  Recently was international yoga day and I think approximately 79 lakes people has do the yoga in a same time and same day in India. The real fact yoga is the very important part of life and it take care always our body and mind.

We need to perfect dress for the yoga. We need comfortable dress that you do easily exercise and yoga. While you performing Bikram yoga, you need the perfect and comfortably dress. Bikram yoga comes from a Indian yoga specialist master Bikram Choudhary. He was born in Calcutta, India in 1946 and he invents this from 1974, he was a school master in a primary school of India in Beverly Hills, and his wife was also a yoga champions in India. Bikram Yoga has 26 postures and two pranayama, it is exercise based yoga. You can do this at least 19 minutes in a class.  Each exercise depends on the every part of body and It is the best way to solve internal problem. There are many type of yoga posture. It is work on the body and basically Bikram yoga done for the warm up your body for the next work, flexible body parts. You need to perform yoga in the self-home. In the Bikram Yoga has so many stretching and body performing at a time. So this is the Bikram Yoga method to solve mentally and physically problem.

Back Strengthening Yoga Asanas

It is very important yoga form for the back pain and back problem. Back strengthening yoga is based on the stiff back and complaining the back pain. Now, weak back condition arises due to the inequality of muscle tone. Yoga helps you overcome all these problems of muscular weaknesses.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

It is the best exercise for the human, It has so many benefits, this Bow pose seems to associate with reliving back pain. It makes back stretchable and you can band in back and improve strength and flexible back. It method is first you rest your chin and forehead on yoga mat. Band your knee and hold your hand from the back with the stretchable way. While you do so, keep your elbow strength pull your feet and toward your head. Please hold this posture for the few minutes, try It almost 5 to 6 time in a day. Make sure always you do not hold your breath while you doing this type of yoga form. It is the Dhanuasana (Bow Pose).

Balasana (Child Pose)

This is the best and simplest yoga relaxation position and release back stiffness. It also stretch spin and your hand, it improving your back health. Lay on your stomach with your chin and forehead rested on the yoga mat. Then, slowly bend your knees, grabbing them towards your chest and stretch your arms either in front of your head or towards the feet holding your ankle. This is one of the best possess for the whole body stretch, especially back. While you starting yoga you need to do this yoga step because it is the best for every human being.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

Setubandha sarvangasana is the best asana for reducing back pain and maintain your body blood pressure. Stretch your back and spin and improve flexibility. It is also practiced to stimulate thyroid and combat menstruation problems if any. It is a very simple lie on the yoga mat and bands your knee, strength your feet with parallel to your yoga mat. Interlock your figure behind your back or hold your ankles and push them down against the mat, lifting your hips higher.

Yoga is the rich and sound lifestyle. It is right life style for everyone. Commonly yoga is the practice of physical exercise. The main function of yoga to maintain your mind level and helping us achieve a balanced mind is often forgotten. It especially for the mind and body relaxation. When you deciding any type of yoga then first of all write down the purpose and approach behind making a choice very important. You feel yoga is the best for everyone. But it is not a formality and any type of showoff function. It is depend on the particular way of simple yoga. So please keep yoga.

Daniel James

How To Treat From Headaches Problem

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Headaches problem rise normally at any time or any day but actually, it raised at the time of night. There are so many reasons toward overexertion or stress. But in some cases, it raises many times in a day so we have some instructions and various causes behind headaches at night.

Headaches cause discomfort at the office and at home anywhere you can feel headaches at the time of stress and problem. There are some common reasons behind the headaches problem like stressful life, depression, and work pressure. Headaches also rise when we suffer from cold and fever, cross the polluted and dusty area regularly. These were the regular problem behind the headaches problem when some people suffer at the daily bases from headaches problem.

Some cause headaches at night.


Headaches may be created by the late sleep and wake up at fast and do not complete the full sleep so that is the main reason to conduct the entire headaches problem at night.  Headaches problem is very difficult to prevent and remove also. Headaches when recurring every night can also make you an insomniac.


• Hypnic Headaches: This happens after the age of 50 because at this age some person wakes up suddenly from the dream with the terrible headaches problem. Some person has an alarm headache, hypnic headaches cause vomiting and body swelling. The pain feels on both side of the head and full body. A person suffering from Hypnic Headaches it is very sensitive and light and sound.


• Cluster Headaches: Cluster Headaches causes a great deal with the lake of discomfort at night, and does not take a full sleep at the time of night. It is simply intolerable because it occurs intermittently. Cluster headaches can be controlled by the drug and with the sufficient prescription by doctors.

Serious Causes


• Brain Tumor:  Regularly pain in the brain at the time of night is the common factors are a brain tumor. The back of the head is nail by the heavy pain. If you feel this type of problem immediate go to the doctors and take some discussion and get X-ray, CT scan was done immediately.


• Sleep Apnea: People suffering from sleep apneas then they face so many problems like breathing while sleeping. Change in the flow of air causes breathing to stop temporarily. The person wakes up in the condition of choke and they do not feel good after the sleep, it is the main reasons to sleep apnea.


• Severe Depression:  People suffer from Headaches because live with the stressful life and get in the depression. They lead with the stressful life at the time of office and home also. Depression thought to occupy the whole mind and causing heaviness in the headaches and ultimately headaches.

Daniel James


3 min read

It is very important to know about normal heart rate for stay healthy because the heart-related problem is very important to protect. It helps someone from danger sing for high rate heartbeat; here you can read about all the term which helps you for normal heart rate.

The human heart is the main part of human body and for human health with the entire body, because heart gives energy and pumps the blood in the whole body, without missing a single part of the body. The blood pumps oxygen in a whole body part which is very important for human alive. With the help of heart, the body removes the waste product and gains some nutrients.  The heart beats at a rate 72 times per minutes and has the ability to concern oxygen and expand. This process gives movement of the heart and you can say that cardiac cycle. Each cardiac cycle lasts for approximately eight-tenths of a second. This process works regularly and takes rest for three or four seconds at the complete cardiac cycle.

Heart Rate:

Heart rate is the number of times heartbeats per minutes. The heart rate is counted by the number of times beat the heart at a minute when a person is resting. It depends on the basic fitness level of an individual heart. The all process depends on your movement at the time of work. The heart pumps your blood at your whole body with the requirement of the person. The maximum heart depends on your moving body and it also depends on condition. It’s made sure always heart rates maintain all of us and get healthy food and do not use some junk food. This is useful to measure the training intensities of an athlete as it is measured individually.

The normal heartbeat at the time of resting body:

The heart starts beating after 22 days of conception in the fetal stage, that is, during the fifth week of pregnancy.  The normal fetal heartbeat is a different size and making some extra oxygen dependent.

             2 mm embryo: 75 bpm

             5 mm embryo: 100 bpm

             10 mm embryo: 120 bpm

             15 mm embryo: 130 bpm

The normal heartbeat in adult human 60-100 times a minute at rest, It is very important for alive. Because without a heart of heart we do not work even we don’t alive. So make sure all we maintain our heart bear and do give harm to our heart.  The increasing heart betting with the increasing age. A lower heart rate in healthy adults is an indication of cardiovascular fitness and efficient heart functioning. It has some makes Diabetes by heartbeat. A well-known sportsman has heartbeat is 40-60(bpm) the normal heartbeat in children is 70-100(bpm) from the pregnancy.

You can check your heartbeat at your home by placing the tips of your index finger, second and third finger on the palm just below your thumb. You can check with your neck on the other side of a left hand. If you face any problem to check pulls you get in touch with your doctors first.