Should High School Math Contests Be Banned?

Math contests are held in high schools in order to adjudicator the aptitude of the mental level of the students. Nevertheless, most people believe that math contests should be banned in high schools, because, these are incredibly dangerous for children self-esteem. Actually, math contests are helpful in order to create a sense of encouragement in the minds of students to do work very well. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss that match contests should be banned in high schools or not.

According to the personal views of most parents, math contests should be banned in high schools. The students of high schools are not talented to understand the positive and negative sides of the contests. They feel discarded from this competition, because, they are unable to win this competition. On the other hand, the IQ level of most students is very towering and they are able to solve the math question very easily and quickly. The main function of math contests is to judge the ability of the students. Most teachers think that it is an incredibly superior thing for all the students.

In most cases, these contests are very harmful to the children, because, if a student is unable to solve math question very easily, he will feel puzzled and discomfort. In most cases, it will be harmful to student confidence and self-esteem. According to modern research, the students of high schools are immature and sensitive. In most times, they feel over-confidence in order to win this competition.  In the united state, math contests are held in every month. Most students like these contests and most students hate to attend these contests. According to the psychological research, math contest should be arranged in the high schools, because, they can develop a deep sense to face the difficulties in life. Most students think enjoyable in these competitions.

The primary schools and higher schools are interested in hold these contests. Most people think that math contests should be banned, because, these contests are the waste of time and waste of money. In the place of math contest, the monthly tests should be arranged in the high schools. With the system of monthly test, a student can understand things and concepts very easily and quickly. Therefore the custom of monthly test should be promoted in the high schools as well as primary schools. In common words, this contest is good regard to the promotion of schools as well as teachers. In the math contest, parents should take part in order to give awareness to their children and judge the ability of their children. In the matching contest, a teacher is able to comprehend the mental level of student; if a student is scrawny in math then he has a chance to improve his or her ability in order to improve the marks of math. Therefore, we can conclude with these words that math contests should not be banned in high schools. In fact, it is most important to give promote to the math contests in high schools as well as colleges.

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