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How to Prepare for Dissertation Defense When You Have No Time

A dissertation or thesis is the most important part of your degree. To complete your degree you must write a thesis and before writing a complete dissertation you much complete certain steps. The steps include the choice of your topic, research, and a well-defined and organized write-up. But you are not done with your dissertation completion yet, you must defend your thesis before final submission. You take quite a quality time to write your dissertation and after that, you have to defend it. There is a committee in each university for several departments to take the defense of students in a proper meeting.

The committee is consists of two or more two professors who are from the same discipline as you have. Some other people from the same field and other professors may also join the defense meeting. They will ask you several questions in the meeting about the purpose of your research and they will check the level of your understanding of your dissertation. All the questions are related to your thesis and open-ended. So you much think critically about the answers to those questions. You must be well prepared for your dissertation defense meeting. With the help of this article shared by experts of dissertation writing services, you will easily able to learn that, how to prepare for dissertation defense when you have no time.

Preparation for Dissertation Defense in Short Time:

If you were busy with writing your dissertation and now you don’t have enough time to get prepare for its presentation just get relax and take help from your supervisor. Simply go to your supervisor and ask him/her about the problem you are facing. First of all, try to convene them to postponed your defense date, but if it’s not possible. Try to get as much help from them as they can provide you.

Ask the supervisor about the main ideas and related questions that may be asked during defense and try to prepare you in that context. Make a short presentation of your thesis with all the main points present in your work. Cover as much data as you can and revise it several times. Make sure to read all the guidelines about the defense of your thesis from your department and prepare accordingly. Try hard to attend the defense meeting of any of your fellow to get some ideas for your preparation.

Structure The Presentation Of Your Dissertation:

First of all, you must make some high-quality slides for your presentation. Good and attractive slides will be the best foundation for the great defense. Make sure that each slide of your dissertation defense must be accurate and thoughtful. Summarize all the main ideas and points in your slides. Always provide your audience with the correct and meaningful data. All of the sides must be in chronological order. And if you are using any pie-chart, graphs or table make sure to link it with the main topic of your dissertation. The slides must be well structured and not over-loaded with the data. Also do choose a good and decent design for the slides.

Practice Techniques:

You must be aware of the famous idiom that “practice makes a man perfect”. So whether you are writing your dissertation or preparing for its defense, you must practice as much as you can. You must have seen many speakers talk very fluently. It’s just because of their practice. Try to make questions from yourself and ask them from you and find the answers. Critically analyze your presentation and correct yourself.


When you are left with less time in your defense, you get confused, exhausted, and stressed. This will help you to stay calm. Before your defense presentation takes help from a trustworthy person, it could be your friend or family member from the same department. This person can help you while you are trying to defend your thesis. Meanwhile, this person can set equipment for your presentation and prepare the handouts of your thesis for distrusting them to the others.

Back–up Plan:

Always have a backup plan. As we all know that technologies can betray you at any time to make sure to have printouts of your thesis for the preparation. After completing your presentation make its prints and start reading from it. These notes will help you notice the mistakes as well. You can also write extra points on your hard copy notes for your help in the preservation of the defense of your dissertation.

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