Free Notetaking Apps

Notetaking Apps for Smartphones You Can Use Free

Smartphones are becoming the need of the day. It would not be wrong to call them minicomputers that help us perform so many tasks within the palms of our hands. Digital notetaking is a must-have skill these days, and with the right apps to make this possible, we can continue to take notes even with our smartphones. There is no point in increase excess baggage and carrying additional notepads or pen and pencil when all we need is a notepad app instead.

According to a dissertation writing service, technology is working hard to make things easy for us. There are so many highly efficient and easy-to-use notetaking apps that we can choose them depending on our needs and work. The best thing is that they have been designed keeping the needs of the users in mind so that every user can work with them depending on their level of expertise and work. They also help us become smarter digital note-takers, without missing even a single detail.

The best thing about these apps is that they can do their job perfectly without any mistake. We carry our smartphones with us all the time, which means these apps are also there. It is the prime spot to put your moments of inspiration and note down anything that comes to mind without forgetting or making a mistake. This article discusses some of the best notetaking apps for smartphones that you can use for free. You can go through the details of each app and determine which one would work best for your type of work.

Microsoft OneNote:

It is one of the most commonly used apps since it went free in 2015. It has also proven to be the best with its utility, features, and powerful notetaking in android devices. There are so many of its features that are yet to be explored by the users. It helps users copy clips from the web, insert multimedia files, tag and search notes, draw with their fingers, and much more. The best thing about it is that despite so many features, it is user-friendly, and even someone who is just starting with smartphone usage can learn to use it.

With its clean and modern outlook, it is an important notetaking app that is a multipurpose powerhouse. This app is a must for people who collect and organize long-term data like recipes, story ideas, and lecture notes. It is also very helpful for programmers and helps them keep a track of what they are doing. It is the right choice for smartphone users who want to do everything their way.

Dropbox Paper:

It is also one of the best-rated apps for notetaking as it strives to develop a balance between usability, intuitiveness, collaboration, appearance, and performance.  It will store every note on the cloud in your Dropbox account. Cloud storage means your notes are accessible on any other device and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Even if you do not have access to the internet, you can still make changes online and edit the notes, and the changes will take place once you get online.

This feature makes Dropbox paper a great notetaking app for people who are busy and have too many notes to take during the day and it is worth creating an account. Its features include note sharing and online collaboration that enable you to share the notes with friends and family easily by viewing and editing the notes. There are folders for organization, checklists, due dates, annotations and comments, and integration with other productivity tools like calendars and Google Docs that make it a must-have app.


It was technically a to-do list app, but it has some amazing features that help users to use it like a notetaking app when they want to. Each item in the to-do list has a description field that can be used for storing notes related to that item. Combined with folders, subtasks, tagging, sharing, and searching, this app provides users a chance to take notes and manage them most efficiently.

Built-in calendar view, task reminders, voice input, white noise generator, productivity timer with Pomodoro technique, and real-time collaborative editing are some of its features that set it apart from other apps. They make it a preferred choice of people who want something more too. This app is ideal for people who have a lot to do and manage and need a smart app that helps them do things in an organized way.  You cannot only keep all the digital data in one place but also clear your phone of other unnecessary apps, having everything in one place for easy access.


Evernote was the most popular notetaking app for several years before others came up with their outstanding features and attracted users’ attention. It is a full-featured, multipurpose note-taking app that helps smartphone users understand how they could take notes on their phones and make their tasks easy.

It still offers lots of interesting features like web clipping, scanning text in photos, cross-device synchronization, and powerful search support and initial users still prefer Evernote for the incredible help it offered them.  It caters to the user’s needs most efficiently and helps them learn what smart digital notetaking is all about.

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Google Keep:

This app is the best for taking quick notes and reminders. Whether you need to create a shopping list or want to track tasks for the week, or even want to search for something you did, you can do it all easily with this app.

It might seem like any other notetaking app initially, but once you get the hang of it, you will know what sets it apart from others and how it increases your productivity and creativity. People who love to stay organized and want to do things the right way with proper reminders find this app most useful. It is up to the users to understand which apps offer the best features and help them with notetaking. Free of cost, these apps enable smartphone users to become smarter and do things the right way.