Questions To Ask Yourself While Making Final Editing and Proofreading Of Your Assignment

Proofreading Of Assignment

Most the students are confused when they are asked or required to edit and proofread their academic writing projects to resolve this issue the first question that they might have in their mind or need to ask themselves is that;

Editing and Proofreading the Same Thing?

An answer to this question is that obviously not. Many times you have listened to these two words interchangeably but that is not correct. These are two different steps of revising a piece of writing and both require a careful and close reading of the text with the focus on different perspectives of the written document by using different techniques.


It is the revision of a written text that begins right after you have completed your first draft. Here, first, you re-read the written draft to check that is the paper organized as it was required to be, checking that there are smooth transitions between paragraphs and ensuring the credibility and relevance of evidence you have used to back up your argument. Further, you need to ask these simple questions, while editing your written draft;


  • Is your content the same that you are required to write?
  • Have you included all key points that your assignment required you to discuss?
  • Have you made appropriate claims in your arguments?
  • Does your paper have a clear and concise argument that reader can understand at first site.
  • Have you used enough and strong evidence to support your arguments?
  • Is all information in your draft is directly relevant to the topic of the assignment?


  • Do you have included an appropriate list of content as required for your assignment?
  • Does your paper clearly state the introduction of the topic?
  • Is there a clear connection between each paragraph of paper and it makes sense according to the topic?
  • Are paragraphs arranged systematically?
  • Is there clear move between paragraphs?


  • Have you defined all key terms in introduction chapter that you are going to discuss throughout the paper?
  • Does each sentence have the clear meaning for the reader?
  • Have you used a clear pronoun for referents?
  • Are the chosen words appropriate for the situation that you are discussing?


  • Is there an appropriate tone of context?
  • Is there any variation in length of each sentence?
  • Is there repetition of strong words?


  • Have you used the required format of citation and references?
  • Is the used format correct?


This is the final stage to finalize your document for the final submission. It focuses on identifying the errors that you have missed in editing, it checking spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Proofread should be the last step in your writing process. You need to ask these questions before proofreading so you can get the result of proofreading that you are aiming to do so;

  • Is this the content that really matters in proofreading?
  • Have you read it clearly and identified all possible errors?
  • Have you eliminated and correct all found mistakes?

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