All You Need to Know About 5 Common Types of Essays

Common Types of Essays

If you are a college or high school student, you must be well-aware of the importance of essay writing tasks assigned by the teacher during the academic year. Teachers expect students to work on a variety of assignments during their academic days, and an essay writing task is one of them. Knowing all about essay writing is necessary for students because their grades and degrees depend on the way they work on these assignments and deliver their papers.

According to an essay writing service UK, there are 5 common types of essays that students are most likely to be assigned; the teacher will not tell which type of essays you need to write every time. It is up to you to figure out how to tackle these essay writing tasks and impress the teachers with their research, writing, and editing skills. It is also important to remember that while most of these essay writing types share the same basic information and format, there are some distinguished differences, as well. This article discusses the 5 most common types of essays that students use during their academic years and gives them a chance to understand the differences amongst each of them to know them better.

Descriptive Essay:

A descriptive essay ‘describes’ the main topic in detail. This essay is written to let the reader relate to your experience. The topic, or the object in the discussion, could be anything from a place or a person. Writing a descriptive essay is all about working with details, information, and discussion regarding the subject in question. It describes the topic or the matter in der study from various angles and perspectives. Students need to understand that a descriptive essay must evoke the senses and emotions of the readers; the readers should be able to see what you saw and feel what you have been through, with the right choice of words.

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Narrative Essay:

This type of essay refers to the narration of a study or an experience by the writer. This essay is written in the first person and revolves around the main topic with details. It is necessary to understand that the purpose of writing a narrative essay is to indulge the reader in a personal experience of the writer. The main purpose is to create content that is clear, detailed, and explores the main topic, which can be a story, an event, or an accident to the reader. You must explain this event, story, or accident in such detail that the readers feel as if they were there with you at that time.

Expository Essay:

This type of essay deals with facts and factors only as compared to their types of essays where the writer has the freedom to add his analysis and ideas. Expository essays are simple as they only contain facts, but sometimes they can be challenging to write as using facts to make an essay interesting can be tough. To write this type of essay, you must create a focused outline and stick to it to avoid making any mistakes and present the truth with evidence to the readers.

Argumentative Essay:

The argumentative essay aims to convince the reader about any particular point of view. This type of essay examines the information available regarding a subject and develops an argument based on it. However, the writer must support the claims that are being made and stick to one side. An argumentative essay offers both sides of a particular issue, but it only establishes one approach. The writer must conduct research, develop the argument, and defend his stance with solid proofs and evidence.

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Persuasive Essay:

It is another type of academic essay in which the writer uses logic and reasoning to show how one idea is more convincing and better than the other idea. When you work on a persuasive essay, you should persuade the readers to accept a certain point of view. To make the readers understand what you are saying, you must present the argument or claim with the help of solid evidence and reasoning that are accompanied by facts, examples, and quotes.

Writing effective essays is critical to academic success as an essay writing task is a common school and college assignment and must be taken seriously. You must identify the type of essay you are assigned with and the methods involved while composing it; as knowing about correct essay types is important for success in class and helps to achieve the goals most efficiently.

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